Blogmas Day 21 – Eevee corner to corner blanket



This is my first ever corner to corner, I didn’t start with a block of colour, that would have been the best way in hindsight but I didn’t really have the time or inclination to make something that I didn’t want so I searched google for a free cross stitch pattern of Eevee and this is what came up.  I found plenty online and this isn’t the exact one I used but you get the idea.  I then decided to take the picture to my local wool shop and colour match with some dk.  I changed the outside to green as I don’t think a white blanket would  be particularly helpful in my house – its for a child who doesn’t really like white.  Don’t get me wrong there is a time and a place for some beautiful soft white yarn but this was not it.

Cross stitch pattern. Google any image that takes your fancy then add cross stitch or Hama bead to see some ideas.

So after settling on the colors and the pattern I started on my mission to make the blanket.  In my wisdom I decided to begin in the bottom left hand corner.  I figured that this would be a big block of green and allow me to get into the swing of a C2C blanket.  I had watched a couple of videos on you tube so clearly I was now an expert  – is there anything that can not be learnt from youtube?

Mainly the blanket was a joy to make, I won’t lie there was a time in the middle where there were lots of changes of colour in each row where I wished I had gone for something a little simpler.  Adding to this it was for a gift so I have a very clear deadline.  All in all it was probably for the best as I can be an expert at procrastinating, I did have a couple of other projects on the go at the same time but this one won my heart.  There is real pleasure in making things for others who you know will love the item.

The moment came. The blanket was unwrapped from its sparkly birthday paper and was a hit.   Here is the finished item.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Would I do another? Possibly.

There are some more picture on my Instagram of the blanket as a work in progress and you can see the pattern I used.

If you are interested in the Yarn that I used I used stylecraft dk. Here is the template I used. The numbers are the colours

1. Pistachio

2. Parchment

3. Camel

4. Stone

5. Gold

6. Black

7. Walnut


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