Edinburgh Zoo

Thank you to Edinburgh Zoo for gifting us tickets.

More details for the zoo can be found on the website: Zoo website

We visited on bank holiday Monday arriving as the Zoo opened at ten o’clock. There was plenty of places to park – it was £4 per car. The tickets are better value if you book them in advance and there are two queues to enter. One for purchases on the day and another for advance. As you enter you are given a map and also details of the daily talks. We wanted to see the giant pandas before it got busy so headed straight there via the pelican walk through and the monkey house. We arrived at the pandas as they were opening. We were really lucky that one of the pandas was awake.

After the pandas we went to see the penguins and have a stop off at penguin cafe where you can watch the penguins from the window. The coffee was good. 👧🏻 then had a play in the park and then we went to see the rhinos and parrots. Stopping off gave us chance to work our what we wanted to see and which of the live shows we wanted to get to.

👧🏻 really loves birds so we went over to the brilliant birds talk. This was filled with lots of information all about the impact birds have on the environment and why they are so important. After hearing the talk we went outside and you can buy a small pot of nectar for £1 and the birds will then come and drink it out of your hand. This was amazing and probably the highlight of my day watching 👧🏻 conquer her fears and feed the birds.

There are too many animals to mention – lots I didn’t know existed. We got to see some amazing animals really close up.

The walk to see the tigers is quite steep but absolutely worth it.

We spent four and a half hours at the zoo. On a warmer day it would be lovely to stay longer and fully explore the play areas but it was bank holiday weekend and the weather wasn’t great for picnics and playing.

As is often the way you walk through the gift shop to leave. The shop was off to the right and it is possible to leave without going properly in. We had a look and were pleasantly surprised with the prices.

We had an amazing day. 👧🏻gives it ten out of ten which is high praise from her. The zoo felt quiet and there was plenty of space to see the animals.

Top tips

  • We walked four and a half miles whilst we were at the zoo and my Fitbit recorded that we climbed the equivalent of 43 flights of stairs. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes.
  • Book in advance for reduced tickets.
  • Go to see the pandas first thing in the morning.
  • There are plenty of places for a picnic Whilst we were there the ones near the tigers were quietest and there is a play area for the children to play in.
  • Feed the rainbow lorikeets it is the best pound I have spent in a long time.
  • Download the app before you go. You can scan badges as you go around.

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