Couch to 5k – nearly there

Trainers on grass after a run completing the c25k

Tomorrow will be the last run of week eight. I can not believe that I have managed to keep it up. I can now run for twenty eight minutes without passing out. Eight weeks ago I was struggling with one minute.

I am unbelievably proud of myself. As I said in my other post I am the most unfit person I know. I didn’t do any exercise outside of the school run – which most defiantly was not a run!!

Things that I have found helpful are having something good to listen to – a good podcast or album. Having something to listen to really made me concentrate more on that then how long I had left.

Having my hair up. Sounds obvious now but I ran a couple of times and forgot to tie my hair up. It’s really annoying!!

Tissues. No idea why but my nose runs loads. Yuck.

I have really enjoyed the c25k and it has been an amazing experience for me. I can not recommend it enough. There was one run at the end of week five where I went from 10 mins to 20. It felt like a huge leap. I did it and hopefully will keep doing it. I will keep you posted with the final four runs. I am hoping to do a park run soon. Eek. Who am I?


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