Blogmas Day 7 – Completed the c25k

I completed the couch to five k last October. I followed the plan as set out in the NHS app. I didn’t want to stop there as I have made a lot of progress with my fitness. I really don’t want to lose it. I did all of the c25k on a treadmill and my first outside run was not great. I managed 3k. It was a freezing morning and I was running alongside a busyish road. I felt disheartened.

My next run was at York Racecourse. This was much better. I managed to do 5k and it felt much easier. Not easy, easier. The ground was better. It was quieter and I felt determined.  I took my daughter and she did 3K with me before deciding to sit in the car and watch me run circles around her.


My friend had suggested early on that I do a park run, the following week after completing the C25K I drove over to fountains abbey and completed the run.  It was a beautiful autumnal day and the setting was absolutely stunning.

Since then I managed a few more park runs getting quicker and quicker and managed to maintain my running three times a week. I began to actually look forward to going and did a mix of outdoors and treadmill running.

I was running until the first lockdown when I slowed down to twice a week then once a week. By July I wasn’t going at all. I didn’t run again until October when I ran for a bus. I thought I would never breath again. I felt right back at the fitness levels last year. I decided a few days later that my challenge to myself for November would be to get back on the C25k. I redownloded the app and started again. This time it was easier and rather than the three runs a week I managed to do two before moving on to the next run. I ran every other day speeding through the plan and completing it in a month.

Now to keep up with it. I don’t feel a huge difference if I’m honest but this time I am at home more and moving less generally so I am sure that does make a difference. I find running good to get out and have time away to concentrate on things. Normally I would drive to work and have time alone to think now I run. I run. I never thought I would say that. I really hope that park runs start again as I love the environment. I want to get back when it opens smashing my previous results.

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