Gifted: Club Tropicana – Grand Opera House York

The Grand Opera House in York is our go to theatre. They always have a great range of shows coming up and the prices are really reasonable. Look at to see what is coming up.

We were really kindly gifted tickets to see club Tropicana at the Grand Opera House in York. These are my own words and I had not been asked to write a blog but I wanted to share how much we enjoyed the show.


Beyond any expectations the seats were in a box. An actual box. At the theatre!! I wasn’t expecting that. As part of the experience there were pina coladas, delicious. It was a really bizarre experience. I go to the theatre a lot. Possibly twice a month. This however was completely different. We had really comfortable seats, a table for our drinks and coat hooks. This was a world apart from my previous trips. I spent the first ten minutes giggling about being in a box.

The show was amazing. This show was produced by the same people who did Hairspray. I saw hairspray for my birthday last year and it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. This is up there.

From the start there were bright colours and an amazing set. The songs were all you could wish for if you are looking for 80s cheese. It was ideal.

The cast included Joe McElderry, Neil McDermott and Katie Robbins. Katie stole the show. She was phenomenal. Being a child of he 80s this was an amazing show to watch. It is fun, creative and full of great music. Sadly it did not include club Tropicana however there were some epic songs including making your mind up and she drives me crazy.

Thank you so much for the tickets Grand Opera House, it was an amazing experience.


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