Blogmas Day 8 – Christmas traditions

I love Christmas traditions and thought it would be interesting to update this blog with what we do as a family at Christmas time.

We love Christmas. A lot. We begin on the first of December when the elf comes and whilst we sleep changes our bedding. We wake up to festive bedding and our advent calendars. We put the Christmas tree up the first weekend of December usually. This year we were a week early but the whole world seems to be upside down so a week early seems fine. Always a real tree. The past few years we have got the tree from Ikea – it is £25 and you get a £20 voucher to spend in January. I love a bargain and the tree have lasted well each time. This year we went to the local garden centre as it was closer and I didn’t want to go to the shops.

Festive baking is next on the list. It is usual for the baking to be inedible. I am not sure how I manage to make such floury biscuits. The making together is fun and the house smells wonderful even if they could taste better.

In the evening of Christmas Eve Father Christmas brings a Christmas Eve box with new pjs for all of us. We also love to watch a Christmas film and have a party tea. By Christmas Eve we will have watched national lampoons Christmas vacation and love actually at least twice. This year I discovered the holiday and loved it so I think that may become a new tradition.

We buy a box of Christmas chocolates, quality street usually, and they are usually gone by Halloween. We also have baileys flowing freely each year – very important tipple for Christmas Eve.

We read the night before Christmas at the end of Christmas Eve. We sit on 👧🏻s bed and the three of us take it in turns to read a page each at a time. The dog will join us and we will share some of our hopes for the coming days. As we sit on Ns bed with the Christmas magic still as real as can be in our house I feel so luck to experience being her mum. Magic is always there you just need to remember to look. I hope she always looks to the skies on Christmas Eve and imagines the days to come.

I would love to hear your traditions.

Happy Christmas.

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