Bruges with Children – Part Two

We have just arrived back from our trip to Bruges. I posted a blog on Thursday with part one of what to do in Belgium with children. If you missed that here is the link.  I can not recommend Bruges with children enough, it is beautiful and there was plenty to keep us all entertained.

As promised here is part two.

Cat Cafe – Puss and Books

I have to begin a blog about things to do in Bruges with children with our trip to the Cat Cafe. This is a short walk from the Belfry. We stumbled across this lovely cafe, Puss and Books. It is run as a not for profit business and all of the staff are volunteers. It has a small but adequate menu. Cake and soup, hot drinks, beer – all reasonably priced. We liked it so much we went back. There is no entrance fee as there is with some cat cafes but there is a donations box where you pay what you want.

The cafe isn’t open everyday so check the website linked below.


We love to swim but as we were staying in an Airbnb we didn’t have the luxury of a hotel pool. I contacted tourist information and they gave me details of the nearest pool. It was less than six euros for two adults and two children and a lovely relaxing way to spend time away from the busy streets. I have added a link to the pool we went to. This is in easy walking distance and there is also a large supermarket nearby which is cheaper than the smaller supermarkets in the centre of Bruges. There is a bigger pool further out with slides but we didn’t venture that far. This one was great for a morning swim.–jan-guilini

The Historium

This was another lovely morning activity. Again if you can go in the week it is quieter than the weekend. We were in a group of eight which was lovely. You walk around the building with a headset and are taken back in time to hear about the city and its past. We have visited the Historium on all but one of our trips to Bruges and we love it. 👧🏻 was five I think when she first went and initially was apprehensive but by the end of that visit it had become a favourite and now she loves visiting.

I have added a link to the website as well as a picture of prices. The Historium has a balcony with amazing views and also some bar snacks. It’s also worth noting that they have toilets – either 50c or in with the cost of your ticket. If your in town these are probably the cleanest toilets to visit.

Boat ride

On our final day we went on one of the canal boat rides. It is ten euros per adult and under elevens were six euros. If you are in the city in the week I would go then as the queues were massive on Sunday morning. The ride lasts half an hour and various landmarks and historical facts are shared during the trip. Our guide pointed out all of the ducklings to the girls which they enjoyed more than the buildings. They also enjoyed getting a little splashed. It was a relaxing way to see the city and I really recommend it.

If your planning a trip to Bruges enjoy!!

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