Blogmas Day 9 – Starting High School

A quick one this evening, it’s been a long day and I am ready for bed!

She will always be my little girl – this is her at the start of primary which only seems like yesterday.

We have been taking about the changes this year and one of the most personally significant is that N started high school in September. I have always been a bit of an over anxious mum. That is a whole other story! In the lead up to high school most children get a transition plan and begin to move towards being more independent from the spring term in year six. With a global pandemic in the way that didn’t happen.

I had been worried about high school, we chose a school that is a two mile walk away. It was such a leap from the primary school where I knew the teachers, receptionist and other parents. Over the seven years I had become so familiar with the academic year and the school felt so welcoming.

High school had done all they could but it want normal. It seems children are super resilient. On the first day I wanted to take N to school. I was not allowed. I sat waiting all day near nervously waiting for news. She did let me pick her up that day and she was full of exciting stories.

Now a full term later I still don’t know the teachers or the rules at school but I do know the change in N is amazing. She is confident and assertive and happy to go to school each day. She has made friends and enjoys the independent nature of school even with the restrictions of a pandemics.

I am so proud of how she has managed and I hope the rest of her time at secondary school is as positive.


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