Blogmas Day 19 – New Year New Plans

As the year draws to an end naturally I start thinking about next year and my plans. Hopes and aspirations I have. I like to complete a challenge each month and that keeps me focused over the year but I do have some pretty big hopes for the year too.

Obviously it goes without saying that I have all the usual hopes for everyone to be healthy and happy next year and I do know that these resolutions come from a position of privilege.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

1. I really want to lose three stone this year. With lockdown and not leaving the house like I was I need more then ever to focus on being healthy. I have really upped my movement but now need to look at what I eat.

2. Over paying the mortgage. For as long as I can remember we have made over payments on the mortgage. For three years we hosted foreign students and all of the money went into paying off the mortgage. Since N got older and we valued our space more we have not done that and now I put the money I make from Instagram and my blog into overpaying. I want to pay off the equivalent of two extra years next year. This one depends on a lot of things and the C word could scupper my plans but i want to concentrate on it.

3. Make more memories. We have not travelled this year anywhere near as much as we usually do and I want to change that next year. In previous years we have travelled each school holiday and if it’s safe I want to get back to that.

4. Minimise. Each year I want to clear out and sort out but never truly feel on top of the house. This coming year I want to. I need to work out a way to make this more measurable so I know I am making progress. I will keep you posted.

5. Monthly challenges. If you follow me on Instagram @unicornpuffsandrainbows you will have seen I like to complete a monthly challenge. Next year I want them to be bigger and better. I will keep you posted!

6. Grow my business. I have some big plans for the new year. Watch this space.

I would love to know what your plans are for the new year.


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