Blogmas Day 11. Getting the house organised for Christmas.

There is less than a week left of school before we breakup for Christmas. I am the least organised I have ever been. This weekend I am going to work through this todo list to get the house ready.

First up is the hall way. In December there are often people popping by and this year I imagine there will be more doorstep chats then ever. I want to make sure the entrance is festive for people visiting and for when we come home.

Declutter. A quick half an hour declutter. Pj drawers, books, food. Recycle and give to charity what you can. I want there to be space for the inevitable things that will come into my house and clearing out is going to make it much easier to sort out after Christmas.

Get the diary sorted. We have a couple of things booked in and I am going to make sure they are all on the calendar. We are still not sure what’s happening for new year but the stuff we can control I want to be prepared for and have a good balance of time at home and time with others.

Really boring but organising the kitchen. Make sure there is space in the freezer and that the oven is clean. Adulting is not always all of the fun.

I am guessing there will be much less impromptu visits this year but I like to have some party food in the fridge and always a box of Christmas chocolates and a bailey.

Get wrapping. There is nothing less festive than a mammoth wrapping session on Christmas Eve. Wrap as you go keeping a clear list of what is where. I also add what batteries I need – no parenting fails here. Get gifts and cards in the post in good time. A list of what you need for who is always in my bullet journal.

Relax and enjoy.


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