Advent Calendars – my five favourite 2020

So this weekend I have tried to make a start on being organised for Christmas. It is the least organised I have ever been. I usually pick things up throughout the year but as we have not been out as much I have only got a few things.

So here is my top picks of the advent calendars this year. Some of the links are affiliate – this means I make a little commission from the seller but it doesn’t cost you anymore.

We are along way from getting back to anything that resembles normal this year and what ever happens for Christmas I really want to make it as special as possible. I love the anticipation of the 1st December and as a family we enjoy the whole month of December with all the festivities.

1. Hama Calendar I think this is a lovely Christmas craft – there is a new design every day and I really like the idea of sitting together to make them every day. I think this one is really reasonably priced. 5000 x beads; 5 x pegboards; 6 x bead supports, 1 x advent calendar with printed designs; 1 x instructions; 1 x ironing paper

2. Do it yourself craft bags I love this idea and having a new personalised treat everyday. We did something similar to this last year but we were not very organised and had a couple of days where we were looking for something to go in the night before. I would need to be more organised to do this again but they are always so pretty. I love how personalised you can make them.

3. Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Advent Calendar this one is a lot of fun. We have had the sweets before and love it when Mr Unicorn gets the gross ones as he has a hilarious gag reflex.

4. Bic this is full of stationery. Both N and I would love this. There is more than the usual 24 items within the calendar and it is reasonably priced. Pens, postcards,

5 Amazon Beauty This is a collection of 24 products from some amazing beauty brands including Elemis, Nip&Fab andSanctuary Spa. The full calendar is valued at over 215 pounds! This one would be my top choice for me. I love having the mini products to try before investing in the full size products and also use them when we travel.


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