Ad – Yarn Friends Rock T-Shirt’s

Another quick blog post from me tonight, I wanted to share the links from todays Instagram post.  Very excited to share my make today for #yarnfriendsrock it is a white logo tee with the words Yarnfriendsrock on. This hashtag challenge was formed as a result of the amazing #inspiration I get from all of the wonderful accounts on here so this seems like the perfect time to share my latest make with you. I love the kindness and generosity within the #yarncommunity I really hope that you love them as much as I do.



For a link to the Uk site please click here and if you are in the US please click here.

I have also order a hoodie and will share proper pictures of it soon- I ran out of light and yarn for the blanket backdrop – must crochet quicker – in the meantime I have a link to the site Here is the hoodie Here is the .com linkand a picture that is much less colourful than I would like. Enjoy.

Crochet community Yarnfriendsrock hoodie

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