Ad: Win 100 Roses for Valentine’s Day 2021 for Your Loved One

Win 100 Roses for Valentine’s Day 2021 for Your Loved One.

It is a special moment for at Dutch Nurseries as this has been a difficult year for everyone. Dutch Nurseries want to be a part of this special day in saying ‘thank you’ or ‘I love you’ to the precious person in your life.

For this post I am partnering with Dutch Nurseries. Dutch Nurseries are hosting their first 2021 online competition. Anyone from York who is 18 and over can join the contest.

With Valentine’s Day two weeks away there could not be better timing.

If you have followed me for any amount of time over on Instagram @unicornpuffsandrainbows you will know I love flowers. I always have a bunch of flowers at home and have been known to move my favourite bunch around the house with me, from the kitchen to my office down to the living room.

This Valentine’s Day, Dutch Nurseries and I want to be part of celebrating love. I am a true romantic. I love gestures to show you care. The simple daily things like making a cup of tea or a knowing look and a smile just at the right moment. I also love the romance that makes you feel like you have been holding your breath. The huge gestures that you didn’t see coming, the surprise you couldn’t even dream of. Memories made that will last a lifetime.

Valentine’s Day for me is another perfect day to receive and give flowers. I had pink roses on our wedding day and they will always be one of my favourite. Valentine’s Day is synonymous with red roses and who am I to argue with tradition. I have often had a single red rose or a bunch of twelve roses but imagine a bunch of one hundred red roses! The smell will be divine.

How to join the Dutch Nurseries Competition  

Here is how to join our contest:

• For this Valentine’s Day 2021 Contest, send an email at with a picture of you and the person you love the most.

• Explain why this person deserves to receive 100 red roses on Valentine’s Day.

The contest will run from February 1st to February 10th. As this is a local contest, only entries from residents of our York will be accepted. Only one entry per email account.

Check out for your flowers.

Good Luck!!


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