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This is a pretty big school year in our house.  It is the final year of primary school.  It started off with the last first and I am sure there will be many more.  The last first  day of the year, the last nativity, the list seems endless.  I am not sure I am emotionally ready for the end of primary, it really has flown.


Before we get to the end of school we have some amazing things, her first residential trip, a week long adventure which I am sure she will remember for life.  A Christmas Nativity with a part that has lines to learn.  She is growing up quickly and I could not be prouder of who she is.  As well as being a brave girl with an amazing moral compass she is also described by teachers as a good friend and a role model.  She has always met age related expectations in school so when I spoke to sats companion I wasn’t sure it was something that we needed.  We had just had parents evening and had been told that she was doing really well.  I have been really impressed with the program and it provides a level of understanding that has increased her confidence massively.  It is suitable for all children working on their SATS.


It was really easy to sign up and your log in is saved on the computer making it simple to dip in and out of.  The system is based on a goal with rewards to encourage and motivate.  Trophies are earned which are helpful to stay motivated.  The program uses a traffic light system which is easy to understand and to see where improvement is needed and the areas that are understood.  The system does not use games which I have found to be positive.- it is a learning system and focuses on that – this is more grown up than programs I had looked in to and seems to be a good springboard to future high school work.


It is recommended that children do twenty minutes of work three times a week.  The system remembers areas that need work and the more you do the better it is at knowing where you need to focus.  There are 28,000 questions in English and maths so there is no chance of running out!!


The system marks the work instantly and explains any that are wrong.  It also has an audio spelling section that says the word and puts it into context.  This is my favourite part.


The system builds confidence in English and maths and ensures that children are secondary school ready.  It builds fluency and allows for practice in tests with lots of practice papers.  As well as this it is designed by teachers and I think this shows in how good it is.  It covers all of the different areas of the curriculum and has video lessons that are great at explaining the topics.


I have added a link – go and have a look at the program as well as free resources and tips – it is perfect for year six sats preparation!  sats companion

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