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You may have seen on my Instagram that I have recently started sharing my experience of working with Neal’s Yard – I have my own individual Neals Yard Website. The orders are via my account but dispatched from the eco factory in Dorset. I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts on a couple products and a little bit about the brand. As well as being natural, organic and pure the products have amazing results.  Many of the products have won awards in the beauty industry.  My understanding of labelling before I looked into it was shocking.  I didn’t realise that 1%of the product needed to be organic to name a product organic.  I have for years been choosing products that I thought were ‘better’ only to find out that they weren’t.  It isn’t possible to control everything that comes into your life but these products are a great place to start.


I love the packaging of the products. I didn’t realise that as well as looking lovely the blue bottles stop uv rays damaging the contents in the bottle.  The packaging feels very luxe and I love the fact it is a British company.  It is a family run business and there is a focus on British products where possible. If that is not possible then the products are fair trade.  The company has an amazing moral compass.  Its possible to track where the ingrediants are from.

Neal's Yard Remedies Honey and Orange facial scrub


Honey & Orange Facial Scrub


The facial scrub-  Honey and Orange  is a lovely product. It smells really fresh and the product is suitable for all skin types. The exfoliation step is not something that has been very frequently in my skin care routine. I had not realised or thought about the importance of a scrub or polish. Using the scrub exfoliates the skin leaving it ready for other products to be more effective. I use the scrub once or twice a week – I add a little cleaner to give it more glide – you can add water. The scrub is £18 and worth every penny!

Wild Rose Beauty Balm, a spa in a jar

Wild Rose Beauty Balm

The wild rose beauty balm, a spa in a jar, is another favourite. The product is described as a one hit wonder and can be used for so many things. I like it as a mask and a cleanser and it is the first product I pack when going away as it is so versatile. The wild rose beauty balm can also be used as a moisturiser, a lip balm, eyebrow tamer and a heal and elbow softener.  Wild Rose Beauty Balm is £40. It smells amazing and feels like a treat. The balm comes with an organic muslin cloth and leaves my skin feeling and looking amazing.



Frankincense Moisturiser

The frankincense moisturiser is another lovely product. It is silky and sinks well into my skin. Frankincense is a great choice for my skin – I am 38 and need to keep on top of a good skincare routine. Neals Yard describe frankincense as natures Botox – I am in!! Frankincense moisturiser is £30.

Foaming Beauty Bath

My final share for this post is the beauty sleep foam among bath. The Foaming bath comes in a 200ml bottle and is £15.59 – the bottle in the picture is a sample size. The foam and bubbles from this product is unreal.


Neal’s yard has never tested on animals and only uses natural colours and fragrances.  It is a company that was aware of its environmental impact before many other companies were even aware of the issue.  In 2008 Neal’s Yard became the first high street retailer to be certified carbon neutral.  Lots of things to be focused on when making skincare choices!


I would love to hear if you have tried any of the products and if you love them as much as I do.


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