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I have been invited to share my views on this book – change your life in five. At the moment that represents the amount of time I am able to consecutively concentrate so it is an ideal book for me.  

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The author, Sue Belton, is a former journalist and producer.  She retrained and for the last twelve years has been working as an accredited life coach helping people get unstuck.  She has created this book which provides bitesized tools and techniques to work out what is stopping you from living the life you want.  


The book is broken down into five sections, clarify, conquer, choose, celebrate and commit.  There are exercises to complete in each chapter with the psychological theory and brain science to support the exercises.   There are some really practical things that can be changed really quickly like working on your morning routine.  Where you want to be and what you need to do to make this achievable.  Then there are longer term actions like working on a vision board with clear broken down measurable goals of where you would like to be in a weeks, months and then longer term in the next year and two years.  

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At this unprecedented time in our lives where the future is so full of unknowns I have found this book extremely helpful to sit and reflect and consider, my favorite sections so far are the dare to dream activities and your future self.  I think it will be an amazing book to keep revisiting and considering how you have answered the exercises and how priorities change.  To declutter your mind and have focused clarity is an amazing achievement from one book.  


The book is published by Eddison Books Ltd, Forward by Karen Kimsey-House. 176 pages.


The book is due to be published on the 16th April.  The book is available to preorder today.  



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