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If you follow me on instagram you will have seen that I have been working with Marks and Spencer this week as part of the back to school campaign. This is an ideal campaign for us as we buy 👧🏻 her school uniform every year. I am a believer buying good quality uniform that will last the year, sometimes two depending on how much she has grown. This year I noticed that they have grow proof gems and cuffs on some items where you can unicorn gems for an extra 3 cms of wear.

back to school uniform shop

Marks and Spencer have a range of fits for all different size children. We need uniform that is slim fit and there is a large range. The different fits and sizes is the biggest range on the high street meaning that there really is something for everyone. All adorned with heart pleasing labels such as non iron, stain resistant and grow proof.

girls M&S summer school dress, school uniform

This year I have discovered the school shoes range. We have a battle every year trying to find shoes for a girl that are robust enough for playing on scooters and running across the playground playing tig whilst being socially acceptable to a ten year old. We want all the benefits of the ‘boys’ shoes whilst not looking different to her peers. Every year we look from the end of July and every year it isn’t until the very beginning of term that we go back to get the same shoes she has had for the last six years in the current size. This year she has a different style. She spent some time in store testing them out with sprints and twirls and they passed the test. I can not tell you how pleased I am that she has some different school shoes. Apparently it feels like walking on clouds!! I am interested in the scuff resistant technology. 👧🏻 managed to fall off a scooter on day three of school last year taking a chunk out of her shoes so she is the ideal candidate to put this firmly to the test. They have half sizes available as well as narrow and wide fit. It is the perfect balance of being a comfortable and sturdy shoe.

Thank you so much to M&S. This was a great collaboration.

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